Do as Sebastien Loeb, Colin McRae and Timmy Hansen

We do not only support groups and companies. A major part of our daily work is to educate and develop individual drivers, teams and professional drivers. We have been working with promising junior rally teams from e.g. Sweden, France, Holland to drivers like Sebstien Loeb and Timmy Hansen whom today represent the absolute elite. After receiving information from you and your team we will present a setup suitable for you and your team.

The education is e.g. suitable for:

• Rally and racing drivers (personal or team) who would like to improve skills

• Professional drivers e.g. taxi, ambulance, transport, security etc.

• Persons who drive a lot in their professional occupation e.g. sales people

• You who like to practice with us having 100% personal focus


In a setup like this we assume you have your own car and equipment’s. We will provide a Taylor made education with tracks on the ice and in the forest. Plus you will have access to our indoor mechanical workshop. Day 1 always starts with analysis of your level of skills.

3 days of education is a minimum and will be quoted based on setup and need

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