The Professional Rally Driver Anders ”Kula” Kulläng


Rally début 1962 in a Volvo PV that at a later date was changed to a BMC Mini Cooper were Anders had great success. By 1968 BMC Mini Cooper withdraws its racing commitment and Anders was forced to look for another alternative. He was contacted and contracted by Opel and this was the start of a 13 year relationship as a professional team driver.


45 World Rally Championship starts with 57 stage victories in Monte Carlo Rally, KAK-Rally (turned into Swedish Rally), 1000 Lakes Rally, Rally Acropolis, RAC, Rally Portugal, San Remo Rally. Best result came in 1980 were Opel had developed the competitive Ascona 400 were Anders together with co-driver Bruno Berglund won the Swedish Rally and ended up fifth in the World Rally Championship.

Anders was close to take a great victory in the Safari Rally and had a lead with 5 minutes before nearest competitor, however, a buffalo in the middle of the road, after a crest spoiled that chance and the WRC-title 1980.


Anders continued with Mitsubishi, who just started their Rally involvement, for some years and helped them develop their cars. Anders was impressed when it only took them 8 month to develop a racing gearbox.  Anders stopped his professional racing career 1982 and continued with a mission to build up the Swedish Junior Rally Team with promising young drivers who successfully took the European Rally Championship 1987.

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